Coaching Rocks


Our downloads, divided into five categories, capture insights shared in our top podcast episodes, with 10 PDF’s in each one. Coaching Challenges, Decisions, Mentality, Players and Rocks are areas you face every day. Situations and challenges present themselves whether planned for or not, and as a coach you’re required to make strong decisions consistently to earn players’ trust, loyalty and respect. Without it, your team can’t be as successful.

Each PDF, approximately two pages long, is a great resource from a long and rewarding coaching career. Our mission is to give back to every coach and be a silent partner on their career path.

Coach DeAngelo Wiser

Honesty and Coaching

There will be individuals who try to influence you concerning lineups, eligibility, playing time, awards, making concessions, and even offering rewards. I can assure you these are not mentioned at most coaches training sessions or courses. How will you respond?

Expectations, Values and Principles

Are you ready for the storms of coaching? Those sunny days when everything seems to be going your way, and then out of nowhere a big storm rolls in concerning a player or players, an angry parent or a complaint from a teacher with respect to conduct by a player in his or her class.

What’s your coaching style?

If someone asked your players, “How would you describe your coach?” How would they answer?

What image are you projecting?

What image are you portraying as you talk to your players today? What do your players see as the words about fitness, nutrition and dedication and commitment come pouring out of your mouth? Are you a positive model for them in your appearance and actions?

What makes a great coach?

I know you’ve had a favorite coach, either in your playing days, or someone you watched from afar with awe and wonder. What really makes them so special? Is it the championships they’ve won?

What sets you apart?

We’re not talking about your championships, personal awards, where you played in college or the pros, although I know how important and special those are, and rightfully so.

What’s the culture of your team?

The culture of your team is always on display, whether in public, practice or a game. That culture takes time to build, but the results will last a lifetime.

Breaking the season down

With your season in the early stages did you break it down in segments before the year began? We ask players to develop personal and team goals for the year as a road map to help them reach their potential. Do we do the same from a coaching perspective?

Coaching is a vision, playing is a vision.

Do you have a vision for your team? Have you asked your assistants what their vision is? Your team?

What sets your team apart?

I’ve always had a lot of pride in how our players conduct themselves on and off the field. Our coaches have always preached: You represent yourself, your family, and your school in everything you do.