Coaching Players


Our downloads, divided into five categories, capture insights shared in our top podcast episodes, with 10 PDF’s in each one. Coaching Challenges, Decisions, Mentality, Players and Rocks are areas you face every day. Situations and challenges present themselves whether planned for or not, and as a coach you’re required to make strong decisions consistently to earn players’ trust, loyalty and respect. Without it, your team can’t be as successful.

Each PDF, approximately two pages long, is a great resource from a long and rewarding coaching career. Our mission is to give back to every coach and be a silent partner on their career path.

Coach DeAngelo Wiser

Mistakes, we all have to move on

We’ve all made mistakes in our career, but the positive is, we’ve learned from every one of them –through experience. Simply said, if you aren’t making mistakes, you’re not trying to do something new and challenging.

Leadership, what is it?

Have you coached a player who is clearly the highest skilled on your team, but simply doesn’t want to lead? How did you deal with it? Were you frustrated, disappointed or dumfounded?

Will this class be the one?

I’ve often heard a colleague say, “I hope this is the class that can push us toward a championship!” I to have had similar thoughts thinking about all the skill and ability a new class brings to the team.

Will they lead?

Often a player or players you see as having the greatest potential to lead your team shies away from that responsibility, leaving it to a less than favorable choice. Why is that? Can you convince them?

When the music stops Can you prepare your players for the day the music stops for a game they love? Is it possible? The number of participants in our game is larger than ever before.

What drives your players?

What makes certain athletes different? Are they just lucky to be born in a seemingly weak year of competition or are they that much better? Some look like any of us in stature and could walk in a shopping mall without recognition. How were they able to accomplish something so significant?

Thinking Players

Are your players thinking more than reacting during a game? Players who tend to over think every situation can test a coach’s patience.

Team Climate

Did last season go as you planned? Were you loaded with talent, veteran leadership and one of the best incoming classes ever? As you look back are you disappointed with the final results? Do you still wonder why your team wasn’t in the hunt for a title?

Success, what’s on the other side?

We spend a lot of time teaching players that failure, or making a mistake is part of the journey when attempting a worthy goal. Our education continues through explanations of what to expect when they fail, how to overcome it and the mental toughness to work through it.

A championship picture…can they see it?

Is there a way we can relate the ultimate victory to every learning modality, visual, kinesthetic and auditory, so our players can see, touch, hear and smell what it’s like to experience a championship game before they’ve ever been there?