Coaching Mentality


Our downloads, divided into five categories, capture insights shared in our top podcast episodes, with 10 PDF’s in each one. Coaching Challenges, Decisions, Mentality, Players and Rocks are areas you face every day. Situations and challenges present themselves whether planned for or not, and as a coach you’re required to make strong decisions consistently to earn players’ trust, loyalty and respect. Without it, your team can’t be as successful.

Each PDF, approximately two pages long, is a great resource from a long and rewarding coaching career. Our mission is to give back to every coach and be a silent partner on their career path.

Coach DeAngelo Wiser

Coaching depression, can you let it go?

Coaches face a multitude of challenges every day. Some are expected while others appear quickly and without warning like a summer thunderstorm. Many are easily solved, while others linger and are tough to deal with.

Coaching Vulnerability

Vulnerability. Not a word many coaches embrace. We often use it when talking about weaknesses of an opponent, such as, they’re vulnerable to a counter-attack, or they expose their vulnerability on corners by man marking every time.

Working through pressure

How much pressure do you feel as a coach? Is it pressure you put on yourself or does it originate from others? How many situations could you name that create pressure for you to succeed? Who is impacted the most from this pressure?

Are we losing quality coaches?

I had a coaching colleague who flamed out after only one season. How could this happen? As an observer during the interview process, I believed he was clearly the best choice. What did we miss?

Stepping forward while looking back

We’re never ready to see the season end. All the work and effort brings our team together. The memories of all the accomplishments both individually and as a group make you smile.

Motivating the coach

Do you have countless video or audio files downloaded, as well as quotes and material that you draw from for personal motivation? How long does the motivation usually last? A day, a week or more? Are you obsessed with finding more material?

Coaching Comfort

If you’ve coached for any period of time, you know comfort is practically impossible. Coaches are on edge 99% of the time, thinking of new schemes, contacting new recruits, planning for the next game, trying to make sense out of a loss and dealing with challenges presented by their players.

Recovering and making amends for words, actions and mistakes

Is it hard for you to admit you were wrong? How about apologizing? Some feel it undermines their ability to coach and a sign of weakness. What do you think?

What do you need from your AD or DOC?

What type of relationship do you have with your athletic director or director of coaching? Is it casual, always business, tense, relaxed and comfortable, or strained?

What makes you a special coach?

I know you’d agree that coaching is all about adjustments. While most of the time we think of those adjustments with respect to our games and players, many have to do with us and our career. Some we can control, while others are out of our reach. Want to have a career that lasts?