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By Josh Moore, Lexington Herald-Leader

Longtime Jessamine County soccer fixture hopes new book will help coaches develop trust among players.


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Kentucky author’s focus is coaching leadership

Think of a pivotal moment within your favorite sports drama. More likely than not, the team’s ability and willingness to execute is more about the trust, loyalty or respect between players and coach than which play to run. Yet, most coaches have little training and spend significantly less time on the fundamentals of leadership than they do searching for and designing drills and activities.

Kentucky coach and leadership consultant DeAngelo Wiser is an exception to that rule. While he admits to owning stacks of books, DVDs and practice plans, he is equally concerned with creating an environment in which athletes can succeed.

Wiser’s book, Winning Your Players through Trust, Loyalty, and Respect, gets to the heart of what it takes to be an impactful coach in the modern game. It offers accumulated wisdom, insight and solutions garnered from years of developing outstanding players and working with them in competitive environments at key moments. Wiser is a highly regarded coach with more than 20 years of experience during which he won many competitions and honors, but also also experienced heartbreaking losses.

“There are resources for coaches, athletic directors and administrators on how to apply leadership principles to the art of coaching, but only a few with varied backgrounds in business, sports and the military (OCS). I was fortunate to have that varied career in different environments, while experiencing a host of leadership techniques, good and bad, giving me a background beyond and including sports,” said Wiser. “There is so much pressure to win these days but surprisingly little time dedicated for leadership skills needed to build a winning program and culture. That is a gap I want to help fill with this book.”

Through real-life stories and outlines of practical steps, Wiser offers a formula for every coach to have a positive impact on their players during practice, in games, and throughout their lifetimes.

Winning Your Players offers a clear pathway for coaches who want to develop and nurture talent to the best of their abilities and gives insight into situations that require strong leadership at key team moments. In those moments, coaches need every resource possible to clearly do what’s best for their teams. Winning Your Players is a must-read during those times.

Published by renowned British sports publisher Bennion Kearny, Winning Your Players through Trust, Loyalty, and Respect is available in print and ebook formats, and review copies are available.

About the Author: Coach Wiser’s leadership skills were developed first on the basketball court and next honed by United States Marine Corps where he learned what it takes to motivate, inspire and earn respect from others. In the competitive automobile industry, he earned Salesman of the Year status and led a young sales team to set records. He then left behind the corporate world to achieve his lifelong dream of being a teacher and a coach. Focusing on integrity and character more than wins and championships, he established winning soccer programs at multiple schools. His teams were recognized by game officials for sportsmanship and his win total is in Kentucky’s top 10. Wiser teaches leadership skills to players, coaches and academic systems as well as coaching at the collegiate level. His passion for excellence is obvious as he assists administrators, athletic directors, coaches, and players achieve their personal, school and team goals.

Book details: ISBN: 9781910773307 | Paperback 148pp | $12.99 | Multiple eBook formats available. For inspection, copies contact Adam Walters,