Coaching Decisions


Our downloads, divided into five categories, capture insights shared in our top podcast episodes, with 10 PDF’s in each one. Coaching Challenges, Decisions, Mentality, Players and Rocks are areas you face every day. Situations and challenges present themselves whether planned for or not, and as a coach you’re required to make strong decisions consistently to earn players’ trust, loyalty and respect. Without it, your team can’t be as successful.

Each PDF, approximately two pages long, is a great resource from a long and rewarding coaching career. Our mission is to give back to every coach and be a silent partner on their career path.

Coach DeAngelo Wiser

Ranking your players

If I asked who your top five players are, could say without hesitation, and if I asked who you’re bottom five players are you could do the same. What about those players in between?

Positional Leadership

Do you have a positional preference in your lineup as a leader? Many would argue that a quarterback should be the leader of a football team, the center midfielder for soccer, catcher for baseball and point guard for basketball. Are you locked into that idea?

Motivation or magic?

What motivates you? Does it play a part in how you motivate your team? Does it impact your ability to effectively motivate your team?

Player’s win games, Coaches win practice

Did you see that! What are we doing? Julie! Play a diagonal ball! Annie, take her on! Get back and defend! Get back! Have you ever caught yourself saying those things on the sideline during a game? Were you frustrated? Anxious?

Assistant Coaches

One of the biggest challenges head coaches face every year is evaluating their staff and either retaining assistant coaches, seeing them leave for other schools or careers, or letting them go because of their inability to do their job.

Halftime, what will you say?

Have you been in a situation at halftime where the challenges were so many you were at a loss where to begin? Things like your team was playing poorly and it had little to do with the opposition. As the clock ticked toward halftime did you find yourself getting more upset?

Do you trust your players?

Are you able to trust your players in most game situations?  Do you give them opportunities to make mistakes?  Do they know you trust them, or do you feel the need to be in control of practically every situation?

Captains-Are you sure?

What characteristics do you hope to see in a Captain? Think about your top five. Did your captains last season have those characteristics? If not, why were they named captains?

Building a team culture

Team culture continues to be a hot topic with everyone weighing in on the components that will make your team successful. I guess I’m no different as I’ll share some important ideas for you to consider as you build your program.

Training, how will you know?

Will this season be different? Were you pleased with last year’s results? Is there a pattern to how your team has finished the last 3 to 5 years? Why is that?