Mission & Topics

Wiser Sports Leadership’s mission is to provide quality leadership training in sports and business for coaches, players, teams, and organizations.

Our training and consulting is based on five main foundation principles:

Character and Integrity as the cornerstones, with Optimism/Positive Outlook, Enthusiasm/Passion, and Confidence solidly placed between Character and Integrity. With Character and Integrity in place, the decisions you and your organization make will be made for the right reasons.

Let us work with you and develop a plan specific to your needs and expectations. Successful sports programs and businesses build a reputation creating prestige, while benefiting other areas of the organization as well.

With our experience and your vision we’ll develop options based on surveys, interviews, observations, focus groups and insight to give your program or business a positive direction. Continuing education classes with an emphasis on leadership for coaches, players and employees are also available.

We understand the challenges you face every day and know your passion and commitment for success to your program, your team or organization.

We look forward to listening to your ideas, sharing ours and working as a team to build an even stronger program or organization in 2019!


  • Leadership
  • Ethics/Integrity
  • Management
  • Motivation/Inspiration
  • Accountability
  • Strategy
  • Goal Setting/Expectations