Meet Podcast Guest Molly Grisham, Keynote Speaker & Experiential Facilitator

We are honored to have Molly Grisham on our Podcast, “Influence for Today’s Coaches”

Molly Grisham Bio

Keynote Speaker and Experiential Facilitator, Molly Grisham helps to build and sustain teams in a wide variety of industries. She believes that teams don’t grow apart; they die apart. She knows that elite, high-performing teams in all industries get stretched and stressed by the demand to perform. She is passionate about helping teams to rediscover their strengths and restore their relationships, so they can rebuild their teams.

With nearly two decades of experience as a College Soccer Coach and Communication Professor, Molly approaches her work as an educator. She meets people where they are and helps them move to where they want to be.

Molly holds degrees in Communication from Belmont University, the University of Illinois, and Missouri State University. She has completed training as a Civil & Family Mediator, she is a Certified Experiential Specialist with the International Society of Experiential Professionals, and she is a Certified Myers-Briggs facilitator. Additionally, she is now enrolled in a graduate program on Trauma and Resiliency.

Molly is down-to-earth and compels her audience to participate in the learning process. She engages groups from the moment she steps in front of them and leaves them with tools and processes that they will use long after an event has ended. She knows healthier teams lead to happier humans, and happier humans lead to high-performing teams.

When not facilitating, Molly can be found at her favorite used bookstore and at various international restaurants in St. Louis.