Coaching Challenges


Our downloads, divided into five categories, capture insights shared in our top podcast episodes, with 10 PDF’s in each one. Coaching Challenges, Decisions, Mentality, Players and Rocks are areas you face every day. Situations and challenges present themselves whether planned for or not, and as a coach you’re required to make strong decisions consistently to earn players’ trust, loyalty and respect. Without it, your team can’t be as successful.

Each PDF, approximately two pages long, is a great resource from a long and rewarding coaching career. Our mission is to give back to every coach and be a silent partner on their career path.

Coach DeAngelo Wiser

Challenges a coach can’t overlook

If you’ve coached for any period of time, you’ve inevitably had to make some tough decisions. Some are painfully obvious while other seem to beg the question, what was my player thinking, or did they really consider the consequences?

Parents, are you ready?

Parents are very passionate about their children’s athletic experiences, and rightfully so. Many have coached their sons and daughters in youth leagues and are reluctant to give up that role totally to someone new. They want to be involved and immersed in everything their child is doing.

Can you deal with a divisive personality?

On and off the field how many personalities do you have to contend with? Each player brings something special, and in a rare case a personality that may not be a positive impact on your team. Will you be able to help them?

Success destroyers

Did you have a breakout or outstanding season last year? As you work in preseason is anticipation high among your players and those new to your program?

The game just isn’t fun anymore

Have you encountered that statement or one similar? What was your reaction? Were you caught off guard considering the player who made the statement? Was it one of your best? An upperclassman?

Why won’t they buy in?

Have you noticed some reluctance in a new player’s eyes and body language as you addressed the team? We may think it’s because they’re unfamiliar with what it takes to play at a high level, or haven’t been asked to do more, but is that true?

Outside or unannounced leaders

Leadership challenges come in many shapes and sizes, some loud and obvious, while others may go unnoticed, or be from sources outside your team quietly eroding your ability to lead effectively. What should you look for, or will you recognize it?

Disgruntled or Loyal

Some players perform better and respect you more when you’re demanding, while others need to be nurtured. Recognizing that during challenging moments in a game or confrontation can be vital.

Dealing with conflict

How do you deal with conflict or issues with your team? Have you attempted techniques that haven’t worked? Are they totally against all you believe? Have you considered what might upset you?

Are your team meetings engaging?

How would you rate your team meetings? Not the ones where you hand out uniforms, awards or go to a nice restaurant. I’m talking about task-oriented meetings such as game plans, video review, expectations and information sharing.