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Leadership is Coaching & Coaching is Leadership

DeAngelo Wiser

We can be overwhelmed with 105 traits of leadership, 85 attributes of a great leader, 44 essentials of being a leader, and so forth. It can be confusing and overwhelming. So let’s keep it simple, and think about these questions:

“What would your foundation for leadership look like?”

“What would support everything you expect a leader to be and allow you to be effective over a long period of time?”

Our foundation for leadership at Wiser Sports Leadership is based on five main principles: Character and Integrity as the cornerstones, and Positive Outlook, Enthusiasm, and Confidence completing the row. We believe these principles will allow you to build your career as a leader in any field.


Character- What type of person are you? Are you able to rally your employees or team around a cause? Are you genuine? How do you react in times of crisis? Are you able to stay calm and in control when your team or employees look to you for guidance? Your character as a leader will ultimately be the deciding factor for how your employees feel about the company or team they work or play for. They want to work or play for someone they can count on and who stands up and supports them when times are tough.

When we think of someone with character, we often think of our parents. Can you think of others you have met or been associated with who’ve had strong character? What made you think of them?

Positive Outlook- Are you positive in most everything you do and say? Employees or players hear enough negative messages through family, and all forms of media, so they need someone who can inspire them through positive, uplifting messages throughout the day. It makes them glad to come to work or practice in a positive frame of mind ready to get the job done and do anything for you.

Can you remember someone in your life that always seemed to have a positive outlook? How did they act? Why do you think they were so positive?

Enthusiasm- Do you believe in what you’re doing, selling, coaching, or the company you work for? Do you have a burning passion for what you’re doing? If so, it’s not hard to be enthusiastic. Genuine enthusiasm shines through when you can’t wait to get to work or the field. Remember your employees or players are a reflection of you and your actions. Enthusiasm will multiply and grow based on how you act and present yourself to those around you.

Have you met someone who seemed very passionate about their work or a cause they were working on? Have you thought, “Wow, I wish I could be like that!”?

Confidence- As a leader, any and all decisions you make must be based on the confidence that they’re the right ones with respect to your employees, players and the company. In all situations, transmit a demeanor of confidence in everything you do. Employees and players want to work and play for someone who’s strong, confident and willing to make sound decisions.

Would you say confidence is learned through experience of different situations, or is a part of someone’s personality? We often hear the statement, “They’re a natural leader.”

Integrity- Along with your character, the most important part of the foundation of leadership is integrity. Your decisions must be based on morals and values that are sound and that never jeopardize the company’s or team’s reputation or good standing. Never allow short cuts, deadlines, individual needs or wants to compromise your beliefs. Take a stand when pressed into situations that are uncomfortable for you and that you don’t feel are right. Leaving a job is certainly an option if you don’t believe what you’re being asked to do is legal or ethical. Your reputation is worth more than that.

Invest time in exploring what a company or organization stands for and what they believe in before joining them. How would you handle a situation where you were asked to do something that compromised your beliefs or values?

At some point in your career, especially if you’ve been loyal to the company or organization, you’ll be asked to be a leader in some capacity. Whether you accept that position or not is a personal choice. If you do accept it, then the decision becomes what type of leader you want to be.

We know the best start is to use the five principles listed here as a foundation for your successful career as a leader.

We want to work with you, your team and organization to achieve your goals.

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I wish you and your organization or team the best!