Winning Your Players


Our two books, while different, were written for the same reason: Sharing experiences to help and assist coaches as they begin or move forward in their career.
“Winning Your Players, through Trust, Loyalty and Respect,” is based on our belief that players should always be first, and their experience should be a positive and challenging one. “Do You Trust Your Players?” “Motivation Real or Contrived,” and “Ten Lessons Coaches Should Never Teach A Player” will make you hungry for more.

Coach DeAngelo Wiser

In order to develop the best soccer players, who can achieve their very best in the game, a coach needs to instill three central qualities: Trust, Loyalty, and Respect. Without them, your words have no meaning and lack the power to inspire your players to reach new heights; with them, your team gains the ability and motivation to over-achieve.

Coach DeAngelo Wiser is a soccer coach with more than 20 years’ experience of working with high school players, during which time he has gathered District and Regional Titles, and Coach of the Year honors. In Winning Your Players, he offers accumulated wisdom, insight, and solutions garnered from years of developing players and working with them in competitive environments at key moments. His methods of building Trust, Loyalty, and Respect, give every coach the ability to have a positive impact in practice, the game, and – more importantly – in life.

Knowing the best way to navigate and deal with challenges is the key to relating to your players. Wiser’s emphasis on the role of decision making through consistency, character, and integrity are what makes this book essential in every coach’s career.

Chapters include:

> Do You Trust Your Players?

> Eight Moments a Coach’s Impact will never be Greater

> Can you handle the Truth?

> Over-coaching… can you hear it?

> …and more

Winning Your Players offers a clear pathway for coaches who want to develop and nurture talent to the best of their abilities, and gives insight into situations that require strong leadership at key moments with your team. In those moments we need every resource possible to clearly do what’s best for our team. Winning Your Players is a must during those times.